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  • Morning Prayer is held every Monday at 10:00AM. All are invited in a time of spiritual reflection on Scripture and prayer. Prayer requests are collected in person, in the prayer box, Facebook Messenger, and via email at
  • Prayer Net is our online prayer offering at St. Andrew’s. A collection of dedicated and faithful people have committed themselves to pray for the needs and concerns brought to them.  Do you have a request?  Email the church at and they will forward it to our Prayer Net.   The amount of details you wish to share is up to you. You can give as much or as little as you want.  God knows your request. 
  • Prayer Team is our in-worship prayer offering. Each Sunday, during Holy Communion at the 10:00 AM service we have a Prayer Team stationed in our back chapel to pray for any concerns, thanksgivings or more. Again, you do not need to give them any details unless you want to. God knows your request. Prayer Net requests are prayed for at this time as well.
  • Our Sunday Prayer Rotation. Each Sunday at our 10:00 AM service we pray through a “prayer rotation” of needs in the community, including the people of an Episcopal Church in the Diocese, the people of a different (or no) denomination in the community, the people of this parish, those serving in the military, and time is given at all services for people to lift up other concerns whether out loud on their lips or silently in their heart.
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Sun: 10:00 am service followed by coffee hour

M-Th 10am - 3pm

Fri-Sat: Closed